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@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@ place both the software program and its technical documentation.
That being said, *~cleopatra~* is a toolchain to build a website before being a
literate program, and one of its objective is to be /part of this very website
it is used to generate/. To acheive this, *~cleopatra~* has been written as a
-collection of org files which can be either “tangled” using [[][Babel]] or “exported”
-as a HTML document. Tangling here refers to extracted marked code blocks into
+collection of org files which can be either “tangled” using
+[[][Babel]] or “exported” as a HTML
+document. Tangling here refers to extracted marked code blocks into files.
The page you are currently reading is *~cleopatra~* entry point. Its primilarly
purpose is to introduce two Makefiles: ~Makefile~ and
@@ -287,12 +287,46 @@ are currently used to generate the website you are reading.
*** Theming and Templating
+The [[./][~theme~]] generation process controls the general appearance
+of the website. More precisely, it introduces the main template used by
+~soupault~ (~main/templates.html~), and the main SASS sheet used by this
+If a generation process produces a set of styles within a specific SASS files,
+the current approach is
+1. To make this file a dependency of ~theme-build~
+2. To modify ~style/main.sass~ in ~theme~
+ to import this file
+Eventually, the second step will be automated, but in the meantime
+this customization is mandatory.
#+BEGIN_SRC makefile :tangle :noweb tangle :exports none
<<extends(IN="", PROC="theme", AUX="templates/main.html site/style/main.sass")>>
*** Configuring Soupault
+The [[./][~soupault~]] generation configures and run ~soupault~, in
+order to generate a static website.
+If a generation process ~proc~ produces files that will eventually be integrated to
+your website, its ~proc-build~ recipe needs to be executed /before/ the
+~soupault-build~ recipe. This can be enforced by making the dependency explicit
+to ~make~, /i.e./,
+#+BEGIN_SRC makefile
+soupault-build : proc-build
+Eventually, generation processes shall be allowed to produce specific ~soupault~
+widgets to be integrated into ~soupault.conf~.
#+BEGIN_SRC makefile :tangle :noweb tangle :exports none
<<extends(IN="", PROC="soupault", AUX="soupault.conf plugins/urls-rewriting.lua plugins/external-urls.lua site/style/plugins.sass scripts/ templates/history.html package.json scripts/katex.js")>>