AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-03deps: Update to latest ogmarkupHEADmasterThomas Letan
2019-07-13feature: Add the original input in HTML comment in the text to postThomas Letan
2019-07-13deps: Update to latest ogmarkupThomas Letan
2019-06-21chore: Small tweaks for shortcutsThomas Letan
2019-06-21fix: Do not insert placeholder if text is selectedThomas Letan
2019-06-21feature: Implement a full dark and light modeThomas Letan
2019-06-21deps: Use ogmarkup nom-5 branchThomas Letan
2019-06-19feature: Save editor configuration in local storageThomas Letan
2019-06-17Initial commitThomas Letan