AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-17chore: Prepare the publication of the crate on crates.ioHEADogmarkup-0.99masterThomas Letan
2019-08-15fix: Compile ogmarkup documents with a typography of unknown sizeThomas Letan
2019-08-03refactor: Drop the [Renderer] trait in favor of [Output]Thomas Letan
2019-08-03fix: Remove the lifetime parameter of the [Renderer] traitThomas Letan
2019-07-13deps: Update to nom-5.0.0Thomas Letan
2019-06-17fix: Accept documents with incomplete aside markersThomas Letan
2019-06-15fix: Support empty documents and documents with leading spacesThomas Letan
2019-06-15feature: Support special typography when a character speaks twiceThomas Letan
2019-03-26chore: Make [join] an inner function of the module [stats]Thomas Letan
2019-03-26chore: Fix clippy warningsThomas Letan
2019-03-25doc: Add a first draft of READMEThomas Letan
2019-03-25chore: Use sourcehut continuous integration systemThomas Letan
2019-03-24chore: Apply rustfmt with no configurationThomas Letan
2019-03-24deps: Update nom to 4.2Thomas Letan
2019-01-24deps: Update maud to 0.20Thomas Letan
2018-11-01deps: Update maud to 0.19Thomas Letan
2018-10-31fix: Do not insert a closing dialogue tag if not necessaryThomas Letan
2018-10-28fix: Do not insert a between_dialogue tag at the end of a paragraphThomas Letan
2018-10-06fix: Add a proper class to story HTML templateThomas Letan
2018-09-23refactor: Add the author of a reply to its templateThomas Letan
2018-09-23chore: Give the crate its due nameThomas Letan
2018-09-19fix: Correctly deals with cross-paragraph dialoguesThomas Letan
2018-09-19fix: Deal with half non breaking spaces in inputThomas Letan
2018-09-14fix: Correctly parse the last section if it is illformedThomas Letan
2018-09-14feature: Separate sections with '======='Thomas Letan
2018-09-12feature: Allow for generating two output at onceThomas Letan
2018-09-12refactor: Clean-up the modules definitionsThomas Letan
2018-09-12refactor: Use push_str in Renderer<String>::appendThomas Letan
2018-09-12feature: Provide a Stat renderer to compute simple statisticsThomas Letan
2018-09-12refactor: More fine-grained lifetimes in generation codeThomas Letan
2018-09-12feature: Provide a default renderer for HtmlThomas Letan
2018-09-12feature: Deal with sequences of dialogues split between paragraphsThomas Letan
2018-09-12fix: It was not possible to parse a trailing dialogue in a paragraphThomas Letan
2018-09-11fix: Remove a leading space in dialogues sequencesThomas Letan
2018-09-11fix: The though rendering was eating spacesThomas Letan
2018-09-10fix: Deal with emphasizes starting at the beginning of a lineThomas Letan
2018-09-10fix: Various improvement thanks to manual testingThomas Letan
2018-09-10feature: Take the author of a thought or dialogue into accountThomas Letan
2018-09-10chore: Initial commit, featuring a mostly working compilerThomas Letan