AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-02mworkers: Refactor the `dispatch' macro to be more user-friendlyHEADmasterThomas Letan
2019-09-02mauth: Try to be more resilient to ill-formed inputsThomas Letan
2019-09-01mclient: Force output before reading user choiceThomas Letan
2019-09-01mclient: A cli client for mermaidThomas Letan
2019-09-01mermaid: Rename mermaid-shared system into mermaid/sharedThomas Letan
2019-09-01mbe,mauth,mdaemon: Connect with an avatar rather than an accountThomas Letan
2019-09-01mauth,mdaemon: Authenticated clients get the list of their avatarsThomas Letan
2019-09-01mbe: Provide helpers to serialize backend data into jsonThomas Letan
2019-09-01mbe: Provide a new function to fetch accounts by nameThomas Letan
2019-09-01mdaemon: Fix an unbalanced parenthesis errorThomas Letan
2019-09-01mbe: Provide two functions to create and fetch avatarsThomas Letan
2019-08-31mauth,mbe,mservers: Use vom to log what happensThomas Letan
2019-08-31mauth: Check token expiration limit before authenticatingThomas Letan
2019-08-31mauth: Check authentication info before sending back a tokenThomas Letan
2019-08-31mbe: Introduce several functions to manipulate user accountsThomas Letan
2019-08-31mbe: Add migrations to create `account' and `character' tablesThomas Letan
2019-08-31mworkers,mdaemon: Put mworkers in a dedicated system, refactor mdaemonThomas Letan
2019-08-31mserver: Provide a clean `main' functionThomas Letan
2019-08-31mauth: Do not start the HTTP server but only define routesThomas Letan
2019-08-31mdaemon: Provide a clearer interface for mdaemon serviceThomas Letan
2019-08-31mdaemon: Remove the `main' functionThomas Letan
2019-08-31mworkers: Provide a `dispatch' macro more convenient than `push-job'Thomas Letan
2019-08-31mworkers: Fix `push-job' notification processThomas Letan
2019-08-30refactor: Split the daemon implementation into several packagesThomas Letan
2019-08-30fix: Correctly handles pending sockets that close connectionsThomas Letan
2019-08-28refactor: Move the tick as part of the game serverThomas Letan
2019-08-28docs: Explain how to interact with a mermaid daemonThomas Letan
2019-08-28refactor: Remove unused importsThomas Letan
2019-08-28refactor: Use st-json in place of jsown to handle misformed jsonThomas Letan
2019-08-28refactor: Provide a method `assign-socket' to `client' classThomas Letan
2019-08-28feature: Implement a basic authentication processThomas Letan
2019-08-28chore: Add a minimal README that tell the aim of the projectThomas Letan
2019-08-28refactor: Use a more idiomatic common lisp coding styleThomas Letan
2019-08-28refactor: Make `push-job' capable of notifying the main event-loopThomas Letan
2019-08-28fix: Register a new player correctlyThomas Letan
2019-08-28chore: Add a .gitignore fileThomas Letan
2019-08-28refactor: Embed the thread pool inside a daemon instanceThomas Letan
2019-08-28refactor: Divide the mermaid/daemon package among several filesThomas Letan
2019-08-26feature: Keep track of players currently connected to the serverThomas Letan
2019-08-26feature: Start a threads pool to handle long jobsThomas Letan
2019-08-26Initial commitThomas Letan