AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-02Force Tramp loading (edit over SSH)HEADmasterThomas Letan
2020-12-25Always displaying white-spaces was a bit overkillThomas Letan
2020-12-22Slightly increase the marginsThomas Letan
2020-12-22Unify how “jump to definition” is handled across modesThomas Letan
2020-12-21Reorganize head of initThomas Letan
2020-12-21Write custom configuration inside a different fileThomas Letan
2020-12-21Improve support for OCaml hackingThomas Letan
2020-12-21Fix Rust setupThomas Letan
2020-12-21Improve startup timeThomas Letan
2020-12-21Yet another significant clean-up of the configurationThomas Letan
2020-12-20Significant clean-up of early documentationThomas Letan
2020-12-20Move to previous and next defunThomas Letan
2020-12-18Use smartparens instead of built-in electric-pair-modeThomas Letan
2020-12-18We no not need to display newline marksThomas Letan
2020-12-17Configure org and companyThomas Letan
2020-12-17Update config for racerThomas Letan
2020-12-17Add a binding for imenuThomas Letan
2020-12-16Various minor tweaking in the configurationThomas Letan
2020-12-16Fix whitespaces display once and for all (I hope)Thomas Letan
2020-12-16Fix company selectionThomas Letan
2020-12-16Add a more visible mark for TABsThomas Letan
2020-12-16Fix redo of evilThomas Letan
2020-12-16Tweak the binding for magit, introduce new onesThomas Letan
2020-12-16Add utop for ocamlThomas Letan
2020-12-16Whitespaces are coming backThomas Letan
2020-10-10Set the column indicator to 80 columns for prog-modeThomas Letan
2020-10-10Do not use undo-tree anymoreThomas Letan
2020-10-09Do not use fci-mode anymoreThomas Letan
2020-10-09Increase company-minimum-prefix-lengthThomas Letan
2020-07-28Disable org-adapt-indentation featureThomas Letan
2020-07-28Replace an obscure arithmetic expression with -1Thomas Letan
2020-06-11Use flycheck with merlin, change tooltip packageThomas Letan
2020-06-11Add a binding to go to the next errorThomas Letan
2020-06-11Clean-up unused themeThomas Letan
2020-06-11Improve OCaml supportThomas Letan
2020-06-11Make the SPC menu more availableThomas Letan
2020-06-11Bring back TLS 1.3Thomas Letan
2020-06-11Add flycheck-popup-tip modeThomas Letan
2020-06-11Remove highlight-indent-guides-modeThomas Letan
2020-06-11Remove useless key bindingThomas Letan
2020-06-11Improve hydra menusThomas Letan
2020-06-11Cycle tabs using C-tabThomas Letan
2020-06-11Do not use `progn` in `:config` directives (use-package)Thomas Letan
2020-05-05feature: Do not assume the current opam switchThomas Letan
2020-02-25Do not render links in org-mode, show it as-isThomas Letan
2020-02-13chore: Perform a minor coding style tweakThomas Letan
2020-02-13refactor: Load PG lazily, only disable company-coq features onceThomas Letan
2020-02-13fix: Enable ligatures more consistentlyThomas Letan
2020-02-13fix: Enable line breaks in cargo-mode buffersThomas Letan
2020-02-13feature: Add a minimal configuration for org-modeThomas Letan