AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-09fix: Ensure the content of the website is not too wideHEADmasterThomas Letan
2020-04-05chore: Details how we implement layout responsivenessThomas Letan
2020-04-05Use an external stylesheet to theme cleopatra websiteThomas Letan
2020-04-04refactor: Complete the first chapter about the build processThomas Letan
2020-04-04fix: Remove the file at the end of each buildThomas Letan
2020-04-01refactor: Split the generation process into twoThomas Letan
2020-04-01docs: Add a logo and increase the width of a pageThomas Letan
2020-04-01feature: Add an empty line between noweb-ref of the same nameThomas Letan
2020-04-01feature: Prepare the workspace if it is missingThomas Letan
2020-04-01feature: Provide cleopatra-echoThomas Letan
2020-04-01feature: Implement the expected behavior for cleopatra base commandThomas Letan
2020-04-01refactor: Introduce the =CleopatraCommand= to reduce boilerplateThomas Letan
2020-04-01refactor: Remove redundant =insert= calls in ~cleopatra-gen-proc.el~Thomas Letan
2020-04-01refactor: Rework the file to be easier to understandThomas Letan
2020-04-01refactor: Only use one compilation unitThomas Letan
2020-03-31refactor: Deal with IO error when failing to read the configurationThomas Letan
2020-03-31fix: Ensure cleopatra fails when it encounters an errorThomas Letan
2020-03-30refactor: Improve error handling in the projectThomas Letan
2020-03-30chore: Remove a residual fileThomas Letan
2020-03-30fix: Make tangle publish work when target directory is missingThomas Letan
2020-03-30fix: Do not require to use -- with cleopatra-exec anymoreThomas Letan
2020-03-30chore: Improve the readability of the bookThomas Letan
2020-03-30fix: Incorrect end marker in cleopatra-update-gitignoreThomas Letan
2020-03-30refactor: Tangle the generation processes to the ROOTThomas Letan
2020-03-29refactor: Various clean-up in the codeThomas Letan
2020-03-29feature: Tangle the generation processes, initiate the buildThomas Letan
2020-03-29feature: Provide helpers to export a literate programming projectThomas Letan
2020-03-29feature: Provide an Emacs wrapper for generation proccessesThomas Letan
2020-03-29feature: Introduce the cleopatra.el Emacs packageThomas Letan
2020-03-28feature: Implement the ~sh~ commandThomas Letan
2020-03-28refactor: Write the version number of cleopatra at one place onlyThomas Letan
2020-03-28feature: Provide the ~ROOT~ environment variableThomas Letan
2020-03-28feature: Search for a project fileThomas Letan
2020-03-28fix: Correctly tangle cleopatra sourceThomas Letan
2020-03-28doc: Introduce the =find_project_then= methodThomas Letan
2020-03-28refactor: Reorganize the project into a collection of documentsThomas Letan
2020-03-27build: Start a novel iteration of cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-03-27Initial commitThomas Letan