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masterfix: Ensure the content of the website is not too wideThomas Letan3 months
tangled-sourceTangled sourceThomas Letan3 months
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2020-04-09fix: Ensure the content of the website is not too wideHEADmasterThomas Letan
2020-04-05chore: Details how we implement layout responsivenessThomas Letan
2020-04-05Use an external stylesheet to theme cleopatra websiteThomas Letan
2020-04-04refactor: Complete the first chapter about the build processThomas Letan
2020-04-04fix: Remove the file at the end of each buildThomas Letan
2020-04-01refactor: Split the generation process into twoThomas Letan
2020-04-01docs: Add a logo and increase the width of a pageThomas Letan
2020-04-01feature: Add an empty line between noweb-ref of the same nameThomas Letan
2020-04-01feature: Prepare the workspace if it is missingThomas Letan
2020-04-01feature: Provide cleopatra-echoThomas Letan