colorless themes
colorless-themes/colorless-emacs.gitMostly colorless themes for EmacsThomas Letan3 weeks
colorless-themes/templates.gitA collection of mostly colorless themesThomas Letan3 weeks
lthms dotfiles
dotfiles/emacs.gitEmacs configurationThomas Letan2 weeks
dotfiles/emails.gitNeomutt + Notmuch + Mbsync configurationThomas Letan3 weeks
dotfiles/nvim.gitNeoVim configurationThomas Letan4 weeks
dotfiles/sway.gitSway and related wm tools configurationThomas Letan4 weeks
dotfiles/zsh.gitZsh configurationThomas Letan4 weeks
github/coq-community/coqffi.gitCoq to OCaml FFI made easyThomas Letan4 weeks
github/lthms/FreeSpec.gitImplementing and certifying impure computations in Coq Thomas Letan4 weeks
cleopatra.gitAn extensible build system for literate programs and moreThomas Letan4 weeks
gamedev/mermaid.gitIncomplete, minimal, easy to hack game serverThomas Letan3 weeks
ogmios/celtchar.gitEPUB and static website generation for ogmarkup documentsThomas Letan2 months
ogmios/ogmarkup.gitA lightweight markup language for story writersThomas Letan8 months
ogmios/varuna.gitAn ogmarkup editor in your browserThomas Letan17 months
writing/lthms.gitWrite-ups about formal methods and functional programmingThomas Letan37 hours